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                                  Alameda Unified School District

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                                  AUSD Schools to Start in Distance Learning on August 27

                                  Alameda Unified School District will open all classes in distance learning on August 27, 2020. Students in the Remote Learning Program will do 100% online learning for the whole year. Students in the Flexible Learning Program will begin the year in the distance phase and return to campus for in-person instruction when the public health situation is safe enough to do so.




                                  Please take 5 minutes to complete our anonymous 手机火狐翻墙

                                  Coffee with Cammie

                                  Do you want to meet other parents, find out what's happening on campus, or share an idea?  The next Coffee with Cammie will take place will be TBD in the Media Center from 8:20 am - 9:15 am

                                  Social Media Monitoring

                                  If your child must have a social media account, please follow them, monitor their posts, and limit their usage.

                                  WMS MakerSpace
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                                  AUSD Mental Health Brochure Posted 7/28/20
                                  WMS Virtual Promotion June 8th at 10 AM!







                                  Principal's Message

                                  Dear Wood Family,

                                  I know inspiring a toddler to enjoy reading is not the least bit challenging, but for some teenagers it can be a chore. When my children were teenagers I also found myself asking, “What happened to my child who loved to read?”  One way is to offer them books before a big film adaptation. Many great adaptations are coming out in 2020: The Invisible Man, The Call of the Wild, The Voyages of Doctor Doolittle, Dragon Rider, The One and Only Ivan and Artmis Fowl.  Let them listen to books on the way to school or on a long drive by getting an audio book. Of course downloading an audio book on their personal device or Smartphone would allow them to maintain their coolness.  Lead by example! Read at home where your teens can see you and hear you express your love of a book. A great way to connect with your teenager is to read the same book to spark deep conversation.  The winter break is a great time to start and who doesn’t love curling up with a good book, a cup of coco on a cold winter night? Here is a list of the 100 best novels for teens. 



                                  Transportation Considerations

                                  The safety of all our students is our priority!


                                  • For the safety of our students we will allow just one line of cars to enter the curve during drop off time, please contemplate to come earlier to avoid tardiness.
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                                  • Remind your children to be ready BEFORE you enter the drop off zone, taking too much time really impacts the flow of the traffic. If your child is not ready please go to the END of the line to avoid upsetting other parents.
                                  • To help ease the traffic congestion at the start  of the school day, we suggest arranging a drop off and pick location of your child in middle school within a short walking distance  (like Lum school)
                                  • Be considerate and safe don’t  drop off your child in the middle of the road  

                                  Pick up Considerations:

                                  • Be a role model for your child by following traffic and parking regulations. Be kind to our volunteers and other drivers.
                                  • Pay attention don’t stop the flow of the traffic waiting for your children
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                                  • We suggest arranging a pick up location of your child in middle school within a short walking distance  (like Lum school) of Wood
                                  • Become a volunteer and help us to direct traffic ones a week or every day.


                                  Support Wood PTA when shopping on Amazon!

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                                  Order your Wood Spirit Wear!

                                  Wood Spirit Wear Sale Now On!

                                  Get your school spirit on! Our custom designed WMS schoolscape is available on t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories.   A part of every sale comes back to our school. Visit the All Good Living Website to view the selection and place orders.

                                  Orders take 5-7 business days to complete, and can be picked up from All Good Living, 2332 Alameda Ave.

                                  Please note – we have cute schoolscape magnets and cosy Wood School socks in stock at school.

                                  Contact if you are interested in purchasing these.

                                  Connect with Wood PTA

                                  Updates and more information about the Wood PTA.

                                  Please visit and bookmark our PTA website for news, PTA events, buy spirit wear and more!


                                  What makes Wood special?
                                  Learn more about Wood Middle School over the years
                                  Learn more about WMS
                                  WMS Drama Club has two kinds of Electives.
                                  Check Drama Electives


                                  Wood Vision: Wood Middle School prepares students to be lifelong learners who competently navigate the changing demands of the 21st century to positively affect the world.

                                  Wood Mission: Our goal is to prepare students through rigorous and relevant content with an arts and sciences integration to be productive and successful citizens by developing both a strong work ethic and the critical thinking skills needed to solve problems in the real world.

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